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EMV Certification

EMV, Payment Security Standard for Chip Cards

This is a global security standard that is put in place by Visa, Mastercard and Europay in order to increase security and reduce fraud at the point of sale. More importantly, it removes the financial liability from merchant when/if chargebacks happen and passes it on to the issuing banks.

Any new POS terminal needs to follow this standard before it can accept or process payments from the major card brands. We have a full certification facility for testing and ensuring compliance with the EMV standard. We can help you get past the EMV certification in the shortest time possible.

Testing Facility & Test Cards

There are hundreds of test cases for various card brands and payment cards. In order to make sure your payment device can accept all the major card brands and payment cards, you will need to have a variety of test cards at your disposal. We have the right tools to be able to program and test any contact or contactless cards from any of the following major brands:

Want FREE contact EMV or contactless NFC test cards?

PCI Certification

Protect Card Data

Depending on your environments and whether you are collecting or storing the card data, you should provide proof that you're protecting the card and payment data by going through a 12-step PCI security process.

Increase Security

Apply for the right certification level as your business grows and your potential fraud risk increases. We help you navigate the complicated world of PCI security and acquire the right certification level for your business.