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Application Security

Our Secure Software Development Practices

Input Sanitization

One of the simplest and most effective measures to protect software applications against hackers is to filter variable inputs to the application. Fully defined parameters and well enforced filters will protect your software application against most malware and software attacks such as XSS and SQL Injection

Code Review

Fully documented and well-defined flowcharts are all helpful in developing better, more robust software applications. On top of that, we share our code with our partners and allow them to do a peer code review in order to validate our work. This level of scrutiny also helps our software developers to develop clean, well-structured, and shareable code

Data Confidentiality

We follow and apply payment industry, PCI, security practices whenever possible. We have full separation of sensitive information and credentials for production, staging and development environments. Moreover, we protect sensitive information, PCI or PII, via strong cryptography, whether data is at rest or in transit

Payment Application's Integrity Requirements


Making sure the connection between the payment processor and payment app is not interrupted

Auto Reversals

Generating a reversal or void when the conditions for a successful transaction are not met

Pending Queues

Tracking and taking action on transactions that are not fall through the normal flow

Settlement Timezones

Syncing the timestamps between clients and hosts in various timezones

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