Gift & Loyalty POS App


Tetra, Ingenico, IngeDev, CORS, JSON, Heartland, Archer, Gift, Loyalty, Timeout Reversal, Alias, Internationalization, Private Label, Password Recovery, iWL, iCT, 3rd party app, VAR

Tech Stack

Telium, IngeDev, IngeState, CORS, RESTful API, JSON, XML

Project Details

Retailers look for solutions to solve their business needs rather than having the latest and greatest technology at the point of sale. We were tasked in this project to integrate a gift and loyalty program into the merchant’s existing infrastructure and their existing legacy system. The main objective was to enable acceptance of store issued gift cards without disrupting the business or introducing a new system for the staff to train on. 

This was a nation-wide rollout with tens of thousands of stores. Therefore even a small modification at the point of sale would have a huge financial impact at scale. The best approach was to integrate the gift and loyalty program as a software package to existing point of sale terminals. 

For this project, we had to add the new software package to the an established and massive network of merchants, without interrupting the day to day business operation or interfering with the existing payment app at the point of sale.  

ONTAB was responsible for the technical requirements, app architecture design, migration plan, pilot rollout, data Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process, project plan, development, merchant enablement, product manuals and documentation.

The Biggest Challenge

Working with a massive network of merchants with an established infrastructure has a different set of challenges than rolling out a new technology. In this project, we had to make sure that had enough communication with the merchants ahead of time to make them aware of the new program and also pick an opportune time to install the new software. Moreover, we had to make sure merchants that were still running on a dial-up system could also get the new software package.