POS Financing App


Ingenico Telium terminals, iCT250, iWL280, Zebra/Motorola Symbol DS9208 Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner, Zebra LS2208 Corded USB Laser Barcode Scanner, USB Host, CDC Scan mode, HID input mode, Apple Wallet, Mobile Payments

Tech Stack

Telium2, IngeDev7, C/C++, JSON, XML, QR codes, barcodes

Project Details

Point of Sale (POS) financing is a great way to present additional financing options to customers at a pivotal moment when they are making a purchase transaction. The benefit of point of sale financing is to make the purchase more affordable for the customer. On the other hand, it is proven that POS financing increases the average order value (AOV) for the merchants by as much as 30%.

ONTAB was assigned with the task of developing and certifying the same financing app on two different POS platforms, Ingenico Tetra and Clover Flex 2nd Generation of devices. The apps are developed as 3rd party apps, in order not to meddle with the core payment app and stay outside the scope of EMV L3 certification that was in place by the payment processor and merchant acquirer. 

Nevertheless, ONTAB  leveraged the semi-integration modes and developed the apps in such a way that the financing option was presented at the same time that the purchase amount was presented to the customer. This removed the need for recertification but still offered a seamless experience to the user to transition from purchase in full amount to purchase through POS financing. 
For both solutions, ONTAB was responsible for the technical requirements, app design, UI/UX design, semi-integration architecture, user flows, project plan, development, signing, production distribution, deployment, and documentation.

The Biggest Challenge

There are many differences between the two platforms, Clover and Tetra, especially when it comes down to onboarding new merchants through the financing app. ONTAB went beyond the expected and worked with its partners to design a process between the two organizations, the POS financing company and the merchant acquirer, so that they can jointly onboard new merchants and share merchant credentials in a secure manner into the app.